Trash and Private Investigations

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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As long as the trash is on a public curb, it’s fair play to collect it. I’ve used this technique to gather evidence in numerous cases. From mail and phone bills to liquor and pill bottles, you can find all sorts of evidence of lifestyle in someone’s trash. […]

Using Your Mirrors During Surveillance – Private Investigator Tricks and Tips.

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If your static surveillance may go mobile at any time, you need to be prepared to start that car and drive. Sometimes only seconds can make the difference between loosing your subject leaving the parking lot or keeping that mobile surveillance alive. Additionally, getting your cover blown is easier than ever these days when people […]

Private Investigator Tips and Tricks Ep. 2 – Recording Conversations – YouTube

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Private Investigator Tips and Tricks Ep. 2 – Recording Conversations – YouTube. A simple trick for recording conversation as explained by Brian Davidson of Panoramic Investigations. A Houston Private Detective

Panoramic Investigations Expanding into Security Systems

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Panoramic Investigations, a Private Investigator Firm in Houston, has expanded our license into security and alarm systems. PI has partnered with a Class B licensed security and fire alarm company to provide residential and office security systems for the small business and attorney marketplace in Houston. Panoramic Investigations made this decision because it needed to […]

Success Story – Employer Problem Solved

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CEO of large manufacturer called Panoramic Investigations to help solve a problem with a contractor who was dragging out a project and potentially over billing. The contractor was a special mechanic who can work on expensive and obscure machinery. The employer was concerned that the contractor could hold employer hostage by booby trapping machine or […]