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For your safety PI's in Texas are strictly regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The same agency that regulates police officers. It is illegal to knowingly hire or act as an unlicensed investigator. We are insured and bonded to perform investigations...


GPS Use in the State of Texas

GPS tracking laws in Texas – It is a Class A misdemeanor to apply a GPS to a vehicle without the owners consent in Texas. That is serious business. We, at Panoramic Investigations will not apply a device without a signed and verified letter from the owner during the application of the device. However, we […]


Trash and Private Investigations

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As long as the trash is on a public curb, it’s fair play to collect it. I’ve used this technique to gather evidence in numerous cases. From mail and phone bills to liquor and pill bottles, you can find all sorts of evidence of lifestyle in someone’s trash. […]


Understanding the Cheating Spouse

I don’t believe people cheat because they are unhappy with their spouse. I believe people cheat because they are unhappy with themselves. I think it usually starts out with a few drinks to wash away a hard week. Perhaps a person is not earning what they want to earn, perhaps they feel they are becoming […]


Using Your Mirrors During Surveillance – Private Investigator Tricks and Tips.

If your static surveillance may go mobile at any time, you need to be prepared to start that car and drive. Sometimes only seconds can make the difference between loosing your subject leaving the parking lot or keeping that mobile surveillance alive. Additionally, getting your cover blown is easier than ever these days when people […]


Break Your Cases Wide Open!

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Gain control of your cases with informational leverage by teaming up with Panoramic Investigations. It takes the skill of a trained investigator to help pursue and develop evidence about experimental theories. In both civil and criminal cases, a good investigator will provide you with the facts you need to win your case. Panoramic Investigations will help you get the information needed to predict the angles and control the outcome.

Locate and Interview People - It may be a witness or an heir. Perhaps it’s a former employee who can shed light on corporate misconduct or maybe a witness in possession of the proverbial “smoking gun.” Often a first-class attorney needs to interview (without becoming a witness), serve, or investigate a person of interest. When it comes to locates, Panoramic Investigations gets down and dirty to find your witness.

Locate Assets - Panoramic Investigators are skilled at locating assets such as real estate, valuable property (artwork, antiques, collectibles, etc.), and vehicles (motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels, etc.). Remember a judgment is only useful if you are able to enforce it.

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Collect and review electronic evidence - Whether it is an adversarial matter or an internal investigation, investigators may be used to efficiently recover electronic files – including those that a subject believes he or she has successfully deleted. Investigators are frequently used to identify and analyze a subject’s emails, documents, or other files.

Leverage for Negotiations - An investigator can pull together key sources and intelligence to inform the First-Class attorney during litigation, an M &A deal, internal investigation, or any other adversarial situation that can make the difference in a settlement.

Connect the Dots – Panoramic Investigators can help you to know who the people on the other side are during litigation or a potential business deal. You can gain immeasurable negotiation power by identifying who is actually behind a faceless corporation or tying together undisclosed connections.

Predict Your Opponent’s Next Move - Through an investigation, you can learn your opponent’s history and patterns of behaviors so as to best predict how they will react under pressure. This will help you to be successful in litigation strategizing, during cross examination, or at the deal table.

Prep For Cross Examination - During preparation for a deposition or courtroom testimony, an investigator’s report detailing your witnesses’ weaknesses, background, and behavioral tendencies may be one of your most valuable tools. This can also be useful in identifying information against your client, so you can be prepared for what may come up during the course of the litigation.

Reconstruction - A historical reconstruction may be helpful in a number of different areas. Perhaps you need to review the history of a family to locate heirs. It could be a corporate history or a chain of title issue in a real estate matter. Whatever the issue, an investigator can help to identify and piece together long lost documents, facts and witnesses.


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