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For your safety PI's in Texas are strictly regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The same agency that regulates police officers. It is illegal to knowingly hire or act as an unlicensed investigator. We are insured and bonded to perform investigations...

GPS Use in the State of Texas

GPS tracking laws in Texas – It is a Class A misdemeanor to apply a GPS to a vehicle without the owners consent in Texas. That is serious business. We, at Panoramic Investigations will not apply a device without a signed and verified letter from the owner during the application of the device. However, we […]


Trash and Private Investigations

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As long as the trash is on a public curb, it’s fair play to collect it. I’ve used this technique to gather evidence in numerous cases. From mail and phone bills to liquor and pill bottles, you can find all sorts of evidence of lifestyle in someone’s trash. […]


Understanding the Cheating Spouse

I don’t believe people cheat because they are unhappy with their spouse. I believe people cheat because they are unhappy with themselves. I think it usually starts out with a few drinks to wash away a hard week. Perhaps a person is not earning what they want to earn, perhaps they feel they are becoming […]


Using Your Mirrors During Surveillance – Private Investigator Tricks and Tips.

If your static surveillance may go mobile at any time, you need to be prepared to start that car and drive. Sometimes only seconds can make the difference between loosing your subject leaving the parking lot or keeping that mobile surveillance alive. Additionally, getting your cover blown is easier than ever these days when people […]


Who Is Panoramic Investigations?

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No, we are not the mythical PI’s fostered in stories, books, movies and television. We do not drink in excess (a DUI will end your career), work out of dingy offices, kick down doors or shoot people. We dress appropriately and professionally and drive unremarkable vehicles rather than red Ferraris.

We are professionally licensed and regulated by the same governing entity that regulates State Troopers. We belong to trade associations, take continuing education, develop relationships with other PI’s and pay taxes and insurance. We properly record the interactions we have with our clients and witnesses. We do our best to do our work ethically and act within the boundaries of the law.

We are an integral component of the United States legal system. Without us, fraud, criminal and other civil cases would not be investigated, or properly documented.

Panoramic Investigators DO

Panoramic Investigators DO NOT

  • Adhere to a Professional Code of Ethics
  • Respect a customers privacy
  • Stay current on applicable laws
  • Charge reasonable fees for service
  • Update clients promptly
  • Complete investigations in a timely manner
  • Violate a person’s right to privacy
  • Illegally obtain non-public information about others
  • Access credit reports without signed release or permissible purpose per the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Access Department of Motor Vehicle records without permissible purpose or release DMV records to members of the public
  • Break the law to accomplish client objectives
  • Accept unethical assignments from people with questionable objectives.
  • Become involved in conflicts of interest.

Neither do Panoramic Investigators…

  • Engage in harassing or vengeful behavior
  • Reveal confidential client or case information unless authorized or ordered by law
  • Misrepresent ourselves as having access to proprietary government databases (i.e. NCIC records, non-existent criminal record data bases)
  • Impersonate law enforcement officers or government officials
  • Lie under oath
  • Intimidate witnesses
  • Use telephone recording equipment unlawfully or install wire taps
  • Use unlawful covert electronic surveillance methods
  • Take photos through bedroom windows
  • Obtain business or competitive intelligence through unfair or illegal means
  • Trespass or break and enter to achieve objectives
  • Participate in illegal child snatch-back schemes
  • Locate children for non-custodial parents
  • Conduct illegal activities
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