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Accident Reconstruction

Panoramic Investigations can provide accident reconstructions to determine what actually happened in an accident. This allows the insurers, police and investigators to be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Accident reconstruction involves analysis, collection and interpretation of physical evidence and influences of the environment in order to reconstruct the scene where the accident initially took place.
Accident reconstruction is crucial to the client because it helps determine if the accident was staged or otherwise fraudulent and identifies any inconsistencies in the reported events. In cases where fraud is suspected but not yet proven, PI Investigators can assist insurers to proceed through the process in an expedient manner. Ultimately, the client will benefit from establishing the truth of what has transpired.
There are many results that the client can expect from an accident reconstruction performed by PI Investigators such as; answers to what actually caused the accident, which can be helpful in order to prevent future accident of a similar nature. The results of a reconstruction will assist in establishing liability in an accident and provide answers for the client. PI Investigators can also provide evidence based upon the accident reconstruction that will stand up in court if required.
Methods utilized by PI Investigators in an accident reconstruction are, but not limited to the inspecting the actual scene of the accident, statements of parties involved and witnesses, accident reports, investigation/police notes, inspection of the actual vehicles involved, photos of damaged vehicles and appraisal documentation.

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