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A Civil Case Investigation is an investigation that is related to a legal matter that is not criminal in nature. A civil investigation helps uncover the information needed for a civil trial. In most cases, a civil trial involves two individual citizens who are arguing about an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. Some examples of civil cases are domestic, personal injury, missing persons, child custody or child abuse investigations and marital investigations.
A civil case investigation benefits the client, as evidence is essential in order to succeed in our judicial system. Panoramic Investigations can help the client find solid evidence to make their court case a success. A civil investigation begins with an analysis and a variety of investigative techniques in order to produce answers and evidence.
The results that the client can expect by a civil case investigation performed by Panoramic Investigations is detailed documentation of evidence that will withstand the scrutiny of the courtroom. PI Private Investigators will help prove the strength and validity of the client’s civil case by providing due diligence and solid facts.
Some methods used by PI Private Investigators in civil case investigations are surveillance, background checks, medical or forensic investigations, witness examinations and asset searches, etc. Every case addressed by PI demands the personal attention of trained professionals. Each case has its own merits and our team meticulously pieces together the facts which the client can present to their legal counsel.

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