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A missing loved one can be an extremely stressful, frustrating and emotional experience. A Missing Persons Investigation involves searching for a person who has disappeared either by their own means, an accident, or where foul play is suspected. PI Private Investigators use time-proven professional investigative techniques which allow us to locate the missing person from your life.
The benefits of using PI to perform a missing person’s investigation are that our Private Investigators are able to spend more time and resources looking for your loved one than government appointed personnel. Other benefits include speed, sensitivity, a guarantee of results outlined in a chronological format. PI Private Investigators handle all matters relating to the missing persons cases in a highly confidential manner.
Methods used by PI Private Investigators when performing a Missing Persons Investigations are reviewing all client information, including medical records, law enforcement statements and prior client investigations. PI will also analyze areas of interests and develop area maps, search sites, locate and interview witnesses, search for physical evidence of the disappearance or foul play and access client records, friends and relatives prior to the disappearance.
The kind of results that the client can come to expect from Panoramic Investigations are regular updates on the progress of the investigations, including thorough, detailed accounts as we find information regarding the missing person and keeping the client informed and involved. The end result is to locate the loved one, but hope and patience are paramount in matters like these.

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