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Private Investigator in Houston
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Panoramic Investigations

Who We Are

Domestic & Infidelity Investigations Houston, TX

No, we are not the mythical PI’s fostered in stories, books, movies and television. We do not drink in excess (a DUI will end your career), work out of dingy offices, kick down doors or shoot people. We dress appropriately and professionally and drive unremarkable vehicles rather than red Ferraris.

We are professionally licensed and regulated by the same governing entity that regulates State Troopers. We belong to trade associations, take continuing education, develop relationships with other PI’s and pay taxes and insurance. We properly record the interactions we have with our clients and witnesses. We do our best to do our work ethically and act within the boundaries of the law.

We are an integral component of the United States legal system. Without us, fraud, criminal and other civil cases would not be investigated, or properly documented.

Panoramic Investigators DO

Panoramic Investigators DO NOT

Neither do Panoramic Investigators…

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Skype and Whatsapp available upon request.

Due to Covid, Panoramic Investigations has moved its offices to a Home Office, in person meetings are held off-site or on a Yacht in the Bayland Marina in Baytown, TX.