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Panoramic Investigations

When you need to know the PI.

TX License A17936  |  Based in Houston

For your safety, PI's in Texas are strictly regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The same agency that regulates police officers. It is illegal to knowingly hire or act as an unlicensed investigator. We are insured and bonded to perform investigations. LEARN MORE


Your family depends on you to keep everything on track, no matter what comes at you. At Panoramic Investigations, we understand the questions and concerns that you may be going through related to a spouse or ex in domestic matters.


Gain control of your cases with informational leverage by teaming up with Panoramic Investigations. It takes the skill of a trained Panoramic Investigator to help pursue and develop evidence about experimental theories.


Odds are that you got into business to stay in control and do things your way. If you don't feel like you are in complete control of your organization, or if you suspect a problem, consider hiring Panoramic Investigations to take a look around.

Welcome to Panoramic Investigations

Panoramic Investigations was formed by an ex-healthcare industry insider who spent over ten years researching employer sponsored healthcare plans and expenses. Disenchanted with the lack of transparency in the industry, Mr. Davidson, our founder decided to set up an investigation company that could handle diverse projects ranging from court appointed defense work, to domestic issues as well as employer corporate fraud. Panoramic Investigations utilizes a network of professionals to accomplish the contracted goal.
While Mr. Davidson specializes in Healthcare fraud and corporate cases, he has been cross trained in criminal defense and has handled numerous domestic cases. Mr. Davidson was directly trained by Sonya Dee Rafeet, one of Texas' most recognized and honored investigators.

The Life of a Private Investigator

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When you need to know the PI.

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Due to Covid, Panoramic Investigations has moved its offices to a Home Office, in person meetings are held off-site or on a Yacht in the Bayland Marina in Baytown, TX.